Book Binding

So I thought I'd let everyone know what I've been up to lately even though it hasn't been painting. what I have been doing is creating books.

For anyone who doesn't know what I do, I make a book by hand from start to finish. I choose paper and make book covers (hard covers) and cut sheets of paper down to form the inside pages of a book then sew it all together with durable waxed linen thread. I enjoy the open spine method of binding because you get to show off fancy binding methods. I like to make them functional as well. I'm a big fan of functional things. I also make some of them artist sketchbooks. Watercolor, drawing, or whatever you like. I usually have them all posted on a website theladyinyellow.etsy.com. Right now you wouldn't get to see much because I'm trying to build my inventory and get something available where it would be easier to make custom orders. Something that I'm willing to take anytime ;) just let me know

Anyway I'd like to show you as well so here are some pictures of what I have

I'm also working on finding some lined paper for all you folks who can't write in a straight line ;)
I'd definitely like to hear any questions anybody has, and if you are from AAArt there is a limited time discount starting in September. :)

Other than the books, I've been looking forward to school starting so I can get focused on painting again.

Thanks for stopping by!