Recently, a friend of mine posted on her blog, 101 things that she has done. Her blog exists to track her 101 things in 1001 days challenge. It's a pretty interesting challenge that may actually get you to get off your butt and try some new things for a change ;) I decided to give the 'ol list thing a shot because I thought I could use a good pat on my back and remind myself of the neat things I've already got to do, and at the same time set the bar for whatever comes next. So without further ado:

101 things that Kate Bernhard has done in her life:

1.     Been to at least 21 U. States.
2.     3 Canadian Provinces.
3.     2 Great Lakes.
4.     5 Theme/Rollercoaster Parks in 3 different states.
5.     3 National Parks: Niagra Falls, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone.
6.     Been to House on the Rock, The Rockies, and Sand dunes.
7.     Been to Washington D.C. twice.
8.     Went to the Mall of America.
9.     Carried a 75lb. canoe on my back by myself over rough terrain for stretches of a mile or less over an 8 day canoe/camping experience, on two occasions.
10. Carried 50lb. camping pack on my back for the same as above.
11. Lived in the woods with no plumbing/running water/trash cans for 8 days.
12. Camped out at Devils Lake, Mirror Lake, Starved Rock, and various Girl Scout campgrounds.
13. I was a Girl Scout for 9 years.
14. My family hosted a French foreign exchange student. And he liked to tease me.
15. I’ve been fishing.
16. I planned a wedding, and got married.
17. I earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Art.
18. I learned to navigate the public train system in two major cities.
19. I briefly had a table at an art fair.
20. My painting was hung in a group show in D.C.
21. I sold a painting to a friend of a friend through the Internet.
22. I’ve dealt with ridiculously difficult bosses and insanely difficult co-workers.
23. I’ve made lifelong friends
24. I’ve lived in two states.
25. I went to 2 different colleges and contemplating going to a third.
26. I’ve been baptized, received first communion, and been confirmed.
27. Been on 3 road trips that I could contribute driving to.
28. I’ve been to countless weddings of my family and friends in 2 countries and at least 3 states.
29. I’ve stood up in 2 weddings.
30. I’m a godmother to someone.
31. I’ve flown on a plane at least 15 times.
32. I’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building, the Sears Tower, and the CN Tower in Toronto and I've been inside the Statue of Liberty.
33. I ate an ice cream baked potato.
34. I’ve had BBQ in the south.
35. I had a Ski at the Dairy King.
36. I’ve sat on top of a mesa.
37. I’ve been harassed by a bum in Chicago.
38. I’ve been to 3 botanical gardens. My favorite is Chicago Botanical Garden.
39. I’ve been influenced in a meaningful way by one of the greatest watercolor artists I know (personally).
40. I’m an original member of a traveling group of artists (Sons of Turner).
41. I’ve won a handful of Softball championships in my youth.
42. I’ve gotten holes in one in Mini Golf.
43. I’ve played 9 holes of golf a dozen times.
44. I’ve made my own books, clothes, jewelry, dolls and bags since I was 10.
45. I’ve sat in the dirt and painted pictures in one sitting.
46. I learned to play piano and guitar.
47. I’ve been to science camp where I had the best idea to make a robot walk, won a rocket by building the strongest bridge with toothpicks, and built my own rocket and shot it off in a field.
48. I’ve been to horse camp, art camp and girl scout camp.
49. I’ve attempted to teach someone else how to oil paint.
50. I’ve avoided getting into at least 2 car accidents.
51. Took tap lessons.
52. Been blogging since 2005.
53. Learned to type by instant message.
54. Saw a bald eagle swoop and snatch something while canoeing.
55. Been to see a symphony play live in 2 parks in 2 cities.
56. Been Alto in a church choir.
57. Played Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, and Basketball and ran one Cross Country meet.
58. I’ve climbed countless trees.
59. I’ve read Harry Potter all the way through at least a dozen times.
60. I’ve had a shop and made a sale to a complete stranger on Etsy.
61. I’ve been in the background on a Good Morning America show.
62. I’ve been to Central Park, Battery Park, Millennium Park, Grant Park, Navy Pier, Fabyan park, Blackberry Farm, Garfield Farm, Phillips Park Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo, Brookfield Zoo, The National Zoo in D.C., Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, Korean war Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WWI&II Memorials,  and Arlington Cemetery.
63. I’ve seen Fourth of July fireworks on a boat in Chicago, and in D.C.
64. I’ve ridden the Shock Wave and the Back to the Future ride before they got torn down/turned into something else. And I have a mini Delorian/Time Machine.
65. Designed and sewn my own wedding dress (with mom’s help, of course).
66. Designed and fit and made a dress from scratch for my lil sis.
67. Made a cohesive collection of paintings and presented it to a roomful of people.
68. Got drunk at a gay bar.
69. Survived salmonella poisoning.
70. Broke my nose, and had cosmetic surgery to straighten it.
71. Sat and watched the LOTR trilogy extended versions back to back.
72. Saw the Loretto Staircase.
73. Been to at least 6 art museums in 4 states
74. I’ve seen a Vermeer, Monet, David, Sargent, Picasso, Seurat, Ingres, and O’Keefe up close, among others.
75. I’ve ridden on a 4 wheeler.
76. Been to a Cubs, Brewers, and Cougars game and a Chicago Fire game.
77. Seen the Blue Man Group in Chicago.
78. Gone on bike rides that went through 3 towns and usually ended up in eating lunch or ice cream, and then riding back home.
79. Been to a roller derby practice.
80. Been to estate sales, and flea markets.
81. Been to county and state fairs
82. Did karaoke in a bar in Savannah at 2a.m. while sick w/ no voice.
83. Won $200 off one slot machine.
84. Co-hosted a baby shower.
85. Eaten a blueberry pie from a roadside stand in MI, eaten fajitas from a cart in NM, and eaten a hot dog from a stand in NYC.
86. Been to a Broadway show on Broadway.
87. Ushered at a handful of plays at the Paramount in Aurora.
88. Had a lemonade stand.
89. Worked as a nanny.
90. Been in a cave.
91. Climbed a mountain.
92. Been on a ski lift.
93. Went down a slide that is 2,050 ft. long.
94. Taught myself how to drape on a dress form.
95. Won 3rd place in a national package design competition: ICMAD.
96. Got MVP my senior year playing softball.
97. Taught myself to knit, bind books, and sew.
98. Gone through an obstacle course set out by the USMC
99. Went on Kairos.
100. Commuted to Chicago on the Metra for 4 years.
101. I legally changed my last name.