How To Freeze Wedding Cake

So, 10 days ago was our first wedding anniversary.

And you know what we got to eat finally??? Our CAKE! I'll admit I'm still a little miffed about it, but the hall we rented out never served the head table any cake... so the only bit we got to eat was that bit that we shove into each others mouth... so in other words, not too much...

Anyway, my mom froze it for us, and my Aunt Sharon is the one that told her how:

1. Take the top layer of your cake and wrap it with plastic wrap (directly on that frosting). One sheet goes one way around, the other sheet goes across it, like an x.

2. Take some aluminum foil and wrap the same way as plastic wrap. (2 sheets)

3. Put it back in that little cardboard box, and put a box of open baking soda next to the cake.. inside the box.

4. Seal the exterior box with more tape on the edges that would let air into the box.

5. (IMPORTANT STEP!!) Keep your box of cake in a freezer that does NOT circulate air. An easy way to check, if you arent sure what this means, is to see if there is frost in your freezer. If there is, then you're good to go. If not, find a friend or relative that does have frost in their freezer and ask to borrow a square foot for a year. If they're nice, they'll let you have it rent free ;)

At the wedding

One year later...

Alright, so it's lost some color, and looks a tad squished... but honestly, it tasted pretty fresh. I kept hearing all kinds of horrorible reviews of 1st anniversary wedding cake, but ours was good!

Sorry there's no pics of the packaging. The hubby surprised me by dropping it off at the restaurant before we ate, so they brought it out after our meal. It was pretty much a perfect ending do a delish meal. <3

Here's a peek of the inside. Marble cake with a mocha filling.


6, 7, 8, 9.

Wow, 4 days behind again... I wonder how this happens... haha, well to continue my 30 Day Challenge here are days 6, 7, 8, and 9:

Day 6: Childhood memory. 

This whole picture packs in a lot of kid stuff for me. First, there's the couch that was in my parents house since I can remember, and since have inherited myself. And when I was in Kindergarten, my teacher had this stuffed elephant that she'd let one student take home for a weekend. His name was Elmer. Flipping cool elephant. Well, I just had to have one for myself (of course) and I'm not sure how I did get one. My parents must have found it for me and gave it to me for Christmas or something. One thing to note, is mine has a different inner ear color from Elmer. Or was it his blush color?....

Day 7: Something New.

Got this from Andrew for our Anniversary. LOVE <3

Day 8: Technology.

My favorite technology I own. I use it almost every day. :)

Day 9: Faceless self portrait.

Me in the Sorbetto Top I just made for myself (I added the sleeves). I'll talk more about this in another post ;)

Woo! all caught up! :)

<3 Kate


Day 5: Someone I love

Here's a pic of the man I love. We're celebrating our first wedding anniversary tomorrow. I'm gonna wear my bombshell dress to dinner. Then we're going to eat our wedding cake (FINALLY, they never served the head table at our wedding, I was super upset about it)

I took this picture on our little picnic next to the waterfall that's near our apartment. He brought me Subway. What a sweetie. <3


Day 3 and 4: Clouds+Yellow

So I'm doing another twofer here, just to make things simple. One more tomorrow and I'll be all caught up :)

So side anecdote of the clouds picture.. I went outside (I live in an apartment complex where all the front doors are outside, and all the garages are lined up in a row) and when I got even with the one garage that is always hanging open (they got lil kids in and out, so I understand) I looked up and snapped a picture of the clouds. As I was walking away, I saw the car driving up of the person who owns the garage, and as soon as she got out the car she's like "Can I help you??"..me, "No?" ... "You were standing in front of my garage"   "Oh, I was taking a picture of the clouds"..... and imagine me clad in all yellow head to foot... had to look strange. All I know is now if anything goes missing from the garage, the woman is gonna think it was me.... anyway, goes without saying that their garage was closed by the time I got back from my walk. haha.

Next photo (Day 4) I'm supposed to take a pic of my favorite color... which is why I'm wearing all yellow in the previous story...

I went to the prairie that's right next to my apartment. The yellow flowers I took photos of early on in the summer are  kind of dying, so there weren't as many as I'd hoped, but at least I was looking sunny. :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 5+6: Someone I love, and a Childhood memory. 

<3 Kate


Day 2: What I wore.

 So technically, this isn't day 2... I'm just playing catchup for day 2. But you get a twofer since it's what I wore AND what I've been sewing. ;)

Jacket: Simplicity 2250
Top: H&M
Skirt: I made it, no pattern used
Shoes: Arizona
Necklace: A shop in Savannah.. it's some kind of tiger stone... :)

   So on a recent Joanns pattern binge (love the 99 cent sales) I found another fantastic one by Cynthia Rowley. I adore her patterns. She has such a good eye for simplicity in her details. But what caught my eye more than the main dress was the jacket pattern. So clean, so simple, what a great blank canvas. So, of course, I made it with awesome striped linen. :) :) And what better to pair it with but a striped shirt? ;) The skirt is something I'd made a while back but never wore because I did such a hack job on the hem. Today it was what went best with the outfit so I took the opportunity to fix the hem. And I'm glad I did :)

The jacket came together fairly easily. I made it harder by fell stitching the back of the bias tape, and catch stitching the cuff hem to avoid topstitching. I also added a layer of muslin in place of the fusible interfacing on the front piece after reading a few people's un-stellar results with it. I think it gives this fabric a nice weight with the added muslin. This fabric is super lightweight, and probably could have been lined, but I wanted to keep it a lightweight jacket. Also, the jacket calls for shoulder pads... which look ridiculous on me because I have such square shoulders already. So what I did was trace some shoulder pads and cut out some cotton batting instead. I used the real lightweight stuff, so it doesn't add any height, just some much needed support in the shoulder cap.

Oh! Also, I'd like to welcome my new followers! Hello! It's truly nice to have you here. There are a lot of blogs to choose from, and I'm honored you chose mine. :) Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Kate

Day 1: Self Portrait

It's a 30 Day Challenge!
Ok, so I'm late to the party, but today a blog I watch (WildOlive) posted about this, and it's something I've been wanting to do for a while, so here I am. :)
Over at Oh So Lovely, they posted this lovely pic, and challenged the blogosphere to take 1 photo a day.

It sounds like a fun group of photos to take, and I think I'm going to play catch up today. Or maybe just do 2 a day until I'm caught up.

Well anyway, here's my first pic:

And the jacket I'm wearing is a sneak peek of my next sewing post ;)
Have you done any 30 day challenges lately? did you learn from them? I'd love to know if anyone else is doing this photo challenge. :)