Day 3 and 4: Clouds+Yellow

So I'm doing another twofer here, just to make things simple. One more tomorrow and I'll be all caught up :)

So side anecdote of the clouds picture.. I went outside (I live in an apartment complex where all the front doors are outside, and all the garages are lined up in a row) and when I got even with the one garage that is always hanging open (they got lil kids in and out, so I understand) I looked up and snapped a picture of the clouds. As I was walking away, I saw the car driving up of the person who owns the garage, and as soon as she got out the car she's like "Can I help you??"..me, "No?" ... "You were standing in front of my garage"   "Oh, I was taking a picture of the clouds"..... and imagine me clad in all yellow head to foot... had to look strange. All I know is now if anything goes missing from the garage, the woman is gonna think it was me.... anyway, goes without saying that their garage was closed by the time I got back from my walk. haha.

Next photo (Day 4) I'm supposed to take a pic of my favorite color... which is why I'm wearing all yellow in the previous story...

I went to the prairie that's right next to my apartment. The yellow flowers I took photos of early on in the summer are  kind of dying, so there weren't as many as I'd hoped, but at least I was looking sunny. :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 5+6: Someone I love, and a Childhood memory. 

<3 Kate

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