the count is now... ONE!

Hey there! I'm finally done with school! Tomorrow is the very last day I have to come in. All I have to do is wrap up some loose ends, and clean all my stuff from the various parts of the school... And I'm outta here! :) It feels good to be done and to move on to a new part of life.

And with that, I'd like to share my final painting for the semester, and my school career. After this, it's my own work... for better or worse, we'll find out...

This one is about me as I relate to my fiance Andrew. I'm the blunt one. :)
Thanks for looking, I hope everyone has a great holiday! I know I will :)


Fun Fluff and Stuff

Hey everyone! I've got a nice shinny new painting to show you (actually 2 but ill save one for another post) This painting is a self portrait with just objects this time. My adult self vs. my child self. This is a tiny one, only 4"x4" and it's just so cute, don'cha think? :)
Both the bunny and the monkey were handmade by me. Bunny when I was young, and Wendall a few months ago. Hope you like it :)


Process: Cupcake

The cupcake was a fun one to paint. First it was fun because I wanted to make a cupcake that would last me the few weeks I needed to be able to paint it. So I looked and looked for a good recipe of artificial ingredients and constructed this cupcake with it. I fooled a lot of people and had to warn them it was fake so they wouldn't eat it :)

Step 1: Draw it out

Step 2: Fill in base background color.

Step 3: Block in colors and values of objects.

Step 4: Fine tuning the frosting.

Step 5: Fine tuning more details.

Step 6: Get that foil to look right

Step 7: Finish the foil and final touches.

Detail of the foil.

looks good enough to eat! (but don't... you'll get sick)


14 days...

I've made it to the 14 days left of school mark. (that only counts actual days of school weekends are a bonus!) I've finished 2 paintings and one is underway. I'll get those posted very soon (probably by next Tuesday). Things are all in a whirlwind of activity! I have a final presentation and an exit interview to do within the next few weeks. If all goes to plan (and I hope it does) Ill have everything ready by December 14th! And everything includes my business cards, post cards, 3 printed portfolios, 3 on a CD, a power point presentation, artist statement, resume, list of 50 possible contacts for the future, my website will be done, statement of career goals, and a spiffy outfit for my interview. whew. That's a lot. Good thing I've already started on more than half of those...

Wish me luck!
Hope everyone's Advent started well :)