14 days...

I've made it to the 14 days left of school mark. (that only counts actual days of school weekends are a bonus!) I've finished 2 paintings and one is underway. I'll get those posted very soon (probably by next Tuesday). Things are all in a whirlwind of activity! I have a final presentation and an exit interview to do within the next few weeks. If all goes to plan (and I hope it does) Ill have everything ready by December 14th! And everything includes my business cards, post cards, 3 printed portfolios, 3 on a CD, a power point presentation, artist statement, resume, list of 50 possible contacts for the future, my website will be done, statement of career goals, and a spiffy outfit for my interview. whew. That's a lot. Good thing I've already started on more than half of those...

Wish me luck!
Hope everyone's Advent started well :)


  1. Good luck with everything, that's a lot to get ready for! I just started attending at the Academy this fall.

  2. Cool, what are you majoring in? hopefully not design or 3d, those majors are messed up...

  3. No, don't worry about that. :) Right now I chose Illustration but I was thinking about Oil Painting as well. I really want to push myself to learn it so I've been taking Don Yangs painting club. Problem is I still don't know exactly what I would like to do as I like both fine art and concept/commercial art as well.

  4. Mr Yang has his way of painting, and it's ok.. but I felt like I was going in a better direction under Blanca and Coznowski. I'd say stick with Illustration and take oil painting electives. Though I have to recommend Mat Barber-Kennedy for a watercolor teacher (or just a teacher in general) you'll learn more about the commercial aspect in the illustration major (as I have little knowledge in it now) and you can work on fine art any ol' time you want. And just because you have a BFA in illustration, it doesn't make a difference if you want to do fine art.. and that goes both ways. Good luck to you too, try to keep having fun at AAA.

  5. Thank you for the tips. I have yet to really get to know anyone you mentioned though I see them roaming the halls all the time. i should just go and talk to them when I get some free time during a break.

    Illustration always sounded like the more accessible way to go as many illustrators do fine art in their spare time anyways.