pincushion anyone?

Hi everyone! How's your Wednesday?
I've got a few things going on lately, namely workout pants. I found a very good legging pattern by Burda and decided to make myself some stretchy workout pants (because the one's I really wanted were 60 bucks from one of those fancy workout clothes websites). It turns out that swim fabric is PERFECTION when it comes to workout pants. (not to mention a boatload cheaper, I'll have at least 5 pairs for the price of the one pair I saw on that website) It breathes it keeps you cool, it moves with you. Fantastic I say.  I highly recommend making yourself a few. :)

Since I've posted last about sewing, I made a skirt and a dress. The dress was a quick and easy one because I had to make it last minute when I realized I had nothing appropriate to wear to my godsons baptism. Imagine the black rose print Robert Kauffman fabric I got for Valentine's day in a strapless sweetheart dress with a circle skirt (I promise once I get some good pics of the dress I'll post 'em). The skirt was an attempt at making something interesting without a pattern. It's kindof a paper bag skirt, and it was a semi-fail. And I have yet to find a top that goes with it well... again, a photo shoot is in order and I will post about this later.

In other news, the Sew Weekly is having a month long giveaway of pincushions. If you're in need of an adorable pin cushion to brighten up your sewing space you can win, OR go buy one with the lovely discount codes provided daily on the blog. Today there's also a cute tutorial on how to make your own!

I've also come across a competition from the ASG 2011 Creativity Contest. You have to use 7 Simplicity patterns to create something innovative, and you could win a Brother sewing machine. The patterns they have to choose from are pretty basic and very blah on their own (In my opinion), so creating something interesting with them would be as easy as painting a blank canvas. (possibly)

I was also invited to join in on an art project called the Hallow Project. It's going to be a collaboration of different art mediums and it will culminate at an art show. But it's a juried competition so I'll have to create something worthy first ;) The theme is self image and eating disorders. I feel it's something that we all know something about whether it affects us personally or someone we know. We all know that thin girl who thinks she is SO fat. Self esteem and self image is damaged by the media. I hope I can paint something that successfully reflects my feelings about it. I'm also hoping that the fire of competition will get me moving along on a few things.

That's all I have for today! I hope everyone's "hump" day is a good one! ;)