Thanks for the Valentine's Day gift BurdaStyle!

I was so surprised (and VERY happy) when one day I opened my twitter and I got a message from BurdaStyle saying I won the giveaway! NO WAY! That kind of stuff NEVER ever ever ever happens to me! I was glad that my number came up on this giveaway in particular. LOVE the prints I got. I have images of some lightweight summer dresses with the white rose on black (and red!) fabric. Cant tell you how much I love that color combo (add gray and it's even more golden!) The fleur de lis fabric is pretty cool too. I usually don't go for that type of pattern, so it'll make an interesting project, whatever I decide to do with it. The gray with white circles... I'm thinking a skirt is in order, what do you say? And last (and kind of least) is the white. It's pretty gauze-y, lightweight and probably best suited for linings. I might dye it yellow, as I have a stack of white cotton to dye yellow. I need 2 lb. of fabric to make the dye packet worth it... although it was pretty cheap so it wouldn't be a huge loss if I didn't have a whole 2 lb. of fabric.

There's lots of fun projects to look forward to. :)


  1. Ooo congrats!!! Loving those prints and can't wait to see what you make with them! :)

  2. I think the gray and white circles would make an EXCELLENT skirt. :)