Fashion School

Sorry for the little hiatus I've been on. Since going to school, I haven't wanted to do too much extra stuff since my schoolwork has been on the heavy side. I have one teacher that just recently let up on his 5 assignments a week thing. I think after he spent an entire Sunday grading all of our work, he got sick of it, lol. Anyway, I've been wanting to show the drawing/painting I've been doing. There is a whole lot of work, but it's not all blog worthy, most of the stuff he's had us do is copying... which I'm not a huge fan of, and I see them more as assignments than actual creative work that I'd show people. So This week I'll be posting some paintings (Fashion illustrations!) and some of my black and white photography if I can scan it in. A lot of that is hanging up in the hallway at school still.

This painting was our first assignment. He said "I want you to draw me something." He's so specific, yes? Well I thought since it's a fashion drawing class, I'd try and just paint my version of a dress I saw in the Banana Republic ad showcasing their Mad Men line. This dress is my favorite. And of course, I wanted to show off that I knew what I was doing with watercolors. So of course it's not perfect in terms of a fashion illustration, but it wasn't too bad for my first attempt.

The next few I have to show you are the 3 illustrations I did for the fur assignment. We had to design and paint 3 different fur outfits (in 2 days) for this competition that's held internationally. If you win, you get to go to Milan and watch your design walk the runway and afterwards you get to keep it and get $8,000 scholarship money. The fact that he gave us such short notice for this assignment plus the fact that I had to stay up late finishing it (and I was NOT slacking at all) made me a little upset.

These are definitely more "fashion" proportioned, but my teacher really does give me a lot of crap for giving my ladies curves. I'm not referring to these specifically, but any kind of hip action and my drawing needs to "lose 20 pounds" Definitely the down side to this industry... all the focus on stick thin being beauty... Anyway enough about that. I wanted to show my base croquis, The basic drawing that I get right once, then trace new outfits over before transferring. You can see the ridiculous proportion better here, though I tend to make my girls look at least healthy. Look at those looong legs... haha :)

So there's a taste of some of the drawing/painting I've been doing in fashion school. I also have a lot of flats I've been doing, and some random sketches I've done in my awesome Fashionary sketchbook.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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