Official Website!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have an official website!
I will still be posting things here, and telling everyone why and how I come to paint the things I do. Thanks for the support!


Self-Portrait and a website

My self portrait has been completed and photographed professionally! I got a batch of paintings shot with some nice lighting and they look superb compared to the images I usually get.

Here's the portrait that's been in progress for months and months and is now complete:

I'll be entering it in Art Calendar's cover competition, wish me luck!
This painting is mostly about looking and seeing. I only paint from observation. I love bright colors and I fell in love with this mirror with it's ornate design. One of my major beefs is when people suggest taking a photo instead of painting a picture... This painting is an example of something that would never look the same if it were a photograph. An artist's eye sees differently and every individual artist's eye is different. There is nothing more unique than a painting. Don't get me wrong, I love photography and think that many great images are produced that way, but really, if it makes a great photo, frame the photo, don't get a painting of it...

In other news; as a requirement for my portfolio class at school I've been building a website for my portfolio. It's in its beginning stages and not paid for yet, so it's in trial mode. Have a look anyway :)
Let me know what you think, I need all the help I can get.
Hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday!


24 days and counting...

Yes! That's it folks! 24 more days, and I'm a college graduate!
Oh boy, do I have a lot to do...
I have maybe 7 paintings so far for my final portfolio, and the general guideline is 12..... so I'm about 5 short. I wish it only took me 3 days to make a painting, but I'm not really that quick. I like to take my time with details. I also wish coming up with ideas didn't take me so long, but there you go. Slow painter, slow thinker... What can you do.

So a good friend of mine told me about Art Calendar's self portrait cover contest!! It looks like it will be a really great contest and super easy to enter, and the best part is there will be no application fee! woot!
So for that, I'm finishing up a painting I started last semester, got real far on, but still need to tie up loose ends. It's actually the painting I'm using for my profile picture on the blog. I started fixing it up on monday, and I must say, it was quite a good experience. Up until monday, I have never touched a painting after it had been drying for that long... ever... so it was good for me. I really hope I can finish it up and get a decent image of it by the deadline. Wish me luck!

So my plan for the remaining 24 days is to paint, make a website, design some business cards, put together a final portfolio (printed and everything..ooo fancy), and paint some more... if I can fit it in with all that.

When I'm done with the self portrait, I'll make sure I share :)
Hope you all are having a happy healthy Thursday!