it's called an icosahedron...

Hello everyone!
The latest and greatest painting I completed this week is a continuation of my 'Relationship Series.' This one happens to be about my fiance Andrew.
It's a 4"x6" oil painting of an origami icosahedron, a spoon, and a very smart blue napkin.

Detail of the icosahedron:

Detail of the corner of the blue napkin:

p.s. I don't know why, but it seems the photos I upload look very grainy compared to how I have them on my computer... does anyone else see this, or am I going nuts?


Process: Canadian Syrup

As promised I'd like to share with everyone my 'process.' A painting from start to finish. What I tried to do was either to take a picture every day take a picture when something was accomplished. I did, however, miss a few days near the end in the excitement of finishing up the painting.

First, I start with a pencil drawing. There are many ways to approach a painting. A generally accepted way (and the way I was initially taught) is to tone the panel/canvas with a neutral color like brown, or sometimes green (or whatever works) and then with a small brush paint in the base drawing for the foundation of the painting. I found that process kind of limiting and somewhat frustrating as it worked against my tendency for precise lines (that I can achieve much better with a pencil).

After that, I block in basic colors and tones, not worrying too much about brushstrokes or the color being just right. It takes a lot of layers (and patience) to build up that perfect tone.

Continuing to build up tones and layers in the background:

Almost done with the background, now starting to build color and tones in the bottle while leaving bright whites and highlights the white of the panel.

As I mentioned before, it slipped my mind to document the steps between the last photo and this one, but what I did was finish the bottle to the best resolution and take into account the changes that made to the overall piece. I decided to warm up the background to complement the amber color of the syrup. Also putting in some fine detail using a tiny brush and a lot of patience to delicately lay in the fine details and sharp shapes that glass, foil, and paper all make to finish the piece off.

Next time I make a process blog I promise to stay on top of my photo documentation!
Also, I hope this was at least mildly interesting...
Thanks for looking!


Relationship series

So I've been working on beefing up my portfolio so I've been painting away.
I suppose this would be a good time to show you what I did last spring and what will eventually be in my final portfolio.
As kind of an introduction to the group of paintings I've been working on.. what I like to do is paint still lives that symbolically represent me and my relationship with another person. I like to paint on a small scale because I believe smaller paintings are more intimate to paint and a more intimate for the viewer.
This triptych is about my relationship with my mother:
I depicted the three stages of life that I've experienced so far:



The next painting that I felt would continue the theme well is a painting of my relationship with my dad:
He's Canadian :)
My next blog will show a process on how this painting was painted start to finish.
Hope you enjoy!
Let me know what you think!


Mini Paintings!

Hello Blog World!
I have probably the most exciting news about me and my artistic career! (well, I am excited at least) My very first acceptance in an art show out in the big fancy world!
They are called the Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington D.C. (MPSGS)
I made it in! I'm so happy!
Anyway, so instead of just gushing, I thought I'd let you see exactly what it is that made it into the show:
I included my hand so you could see just how MINI it is :)
It's a 4x4 inch oil painting painted on a panel.
It currently has a nice frame that Andrew made for me, but I don't believe that I took a picture of it nicely framed! :(
Anyway, In other news, I've just finished and started another painting, and I will most likely go into detail in a future post. :)
Hope everyone is well,
Thanks for visiting!