Mini Paintings!

Hello Blog World!
I have probably the most exciting news about me and my artistic career! (well, I am excited at least) My very first acceptance in an art show out in the big fancy world!
They are called the Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington D.C. (MPSGS)
I made it in! I'm so happy!
Anyway, so instead of just gushing, I thought I'd let you see exactly what it is that made it into the show:
I included my hand so you could see just how MINI it is :)
It's a 4x4 inch oil painting painted on a panel.
It currently has a nice frame that Andrew made for me, but I don't believe that I took a picture of it nicely framed! :(
Anyway, In other news, I've just finished and started another painting, and I will most likely go into detail in a future post. :)
Hope everyone is well,
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh Katie! Congratulations!!!!
    How completely exciting!

  2. That's awesome Katie, congrats! Beautiful painting. When is the show?

  3. Thanks guys! The show info is on this link http://www.mpsgs.org/MPSGS-Exhib.htm

    looks like I'll be missing out on a good time... I hope I'm not obligated to be there... I don't have enough money to go :(