Relationship series

So I've been working on beefing up my portfolio so I've been painting away.
I suppose this would be a good time to show you what I did last spring and what will eventually be in my final portfolio.
As kind of an introduction to the group of paintings I've been working on.. what I like to do is paint still lives that symbolically represent me and my relationship with another person. I like to paint on a small scale because I believe smaller paintings are more intimate to paint and a more intimate for the viewer.
This triptych is about my relationship with my mother:
I depicted the three stages of life that I've experienced so far:



The next painting that I felt would continue the theme well is a painting of my relationship with my dad:
He's Canadian :)
My next blog will show a process on how this painting was painted start to finish.
Hope you enjoy!
Let me know what you think!

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  1. very nice. I love the glow of the bottle on the "ground". The tag is fantastic as well