Black Bow Waist Belt Tutorial!

I'm pretty excited about this. Sometimes I get ideas for a new accessory and I never take pictures while I make it. Today is different! I present the fabulous Black Bow Waist Belt Tutorial! :D

There are a LOT of photos but I promise this is so, so easy to put together!!  (NOTE- double click on photos if you need to see them larger!)

First thing's first, Materials list:

  • - 2" thick elastic long enough to fit around your waist +2".
  • - Two 2'' square Velcro (NON ADHESIVE!!--this is important, you will gum up your sewing needles if you get adhesive backed Velcro).
  • - Approximately 1yd of 2" thick cloth ribbon. Grosgrain, or double sided satin ribbon will work great. 
  • - Scissors
  • - Needle and thread (a sewing machine will help, but isn't necessary).

Step 1:
Take your elastic and put it around your waist where you want your belt to be. Make sure you can overlap the elastic by TWO inches and that it will fit snug but comfortable. Place Velcro on either end so they will be together when you put the belt on. Take time to make sure you put the Velcro on the right sides of the elastic!!

2. On to the Bow! Fold the bow with your ribbon as follows:

Leave one inch past the 5" mark.
3. Stop Here and Stitch down the center through all layers: 

4. Then Continue Folding!

Fold the bow under while keeping the tail up.

Fold the tail under again.

Pin the tail where it meets the bottom of the bow.

Last step!! Sew the bow to the elastic.
Hand stitch the bow to the end of the elastic you want to be on top.

Pair with your favorite dress and ENJOY!


  1. oooo - this is so lovely!!!
    And now for a geeky question - how did you get the handwriting on your photos?!

  2. Thanks!! :D
    I have a tablet, and I used a normal brush in photoshop to write on the photos. :)

  3. I was going to comment on the handwriting too. I love it! Now I need a tablet. Dang.

    Also I like all the photos. Very easy to follow along.

    This post looks great!