How To Freeze Wedding Cake

So, 10 days ago was our first wedding anniversary.

And you know what we got to eat finally??? Our CAKE! I'll admit I'm still a little miffed about it, but the hall we rented out never served the head table any cake... so the only bit we got to eat was that bit that we shove into each others mouth... so in other words, not too much...

Anyway, my mom froze it for us, and my Aunt Sharon is the one that told her how:

1. Take the top layer of your cake and wrap it with plastic wrap (directly on that frosting). One sheet goes one way around, the other sheet goes across it, like an x.

2. Take some aluminum foil and wrap the same way as plastic wrap. (2 sheets)

3. Put it back in that little cardboard box, and put a box of open baking soda next to the cake.. inside the box.

4. Seal the exterior box with more tape on the edges that would let air into the box.

5. (IMPORTANT STEP!!) Keep your box of cake in a freezer that does NOT circulate air. An easy way to check, if you arent sure what this means, is to see if there is frost in your freezer. If there is, then you're good to go. If not, find a friend or relative that does have frost in their freezer and ask to borrow a square foot for a year. If they're nice, they'll let you have it rent free ;)

At the wedding

One year later...

Alright, so it's lost some color, and looks a tad squished... but honestly, it tasted pretty fresh. I kept hearing all kinds of horrorible reviews of 1st anniversary wedding cake, but ours was good!

Sorry there's no pics of the packaging. The hubby surprised me by dropping it off at the restaurant before we ate, so they brought it out after our meal. It was pretty much a perfect ending do a delish meal. <3

Here's a peek of the inside. Marble cake with a mocha filling.


  1. CONGRATS :) I wish we could have saved the top of our cake, but because of the kind we got we couldn't. It wouldn't stay fresh even frozen. haha cute cute pics!

  2. hi kate! this is pakou vang. I couldn't find your facebook so here i am:) check me out too!