Wedding Dress and Savannah

I'm finally getting so so excited about my dress because I'm finally making progress! I have my dress form all dressed up in what I've made so far, and it looks like a real dress. It makes me a little giddy as I gathered a bunch of info from a bunch of different resources and just started making the dress. Nothing I've done with it so far is directly from any commercial pattern. (the one I used was altered, and only used because an A-line skirt is easier to just steal from a pattern)

So apart from that, I've recently gone with the Sons of Turner on tour number 2: Savannah, GA. It was a relaxing time, and for me, it ended up being a break from all the stress that's been building up since I left school. And I got to paint again! I only had enough energy to get one done (I was sick with a sinus infection during the first half of the trip, boo) but all in all, a nice break from life. I've been very neglectful of uploading photos too, so that will have to wait until another post.

I have 2 months left until I'm married and move up to WI, and once I do that, I'll be a sewing and painting fool. I've been pondering the sewing business and wondering if it'd be something I want to offer to people. I still have a lot to learn about sewing, but I'm bursting with this need to create my own designs. After making this wedding dress to my own design, I think I'll have a lot more confidence. At any rate, stay tuned and you may be able to get your very own garment made to your specific measurements made by yours truly.

That's all for now, sorry for the lack of pictures. I promise to load up tons of photos of the dress in progress after the wedding, and the little itty painting I did on my vacation.

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