Dreaming of Dresses

So recently (for about 2 years) I've become more passionate about dresses. The girlyness of them. the softness. the adorableness. I see them everywhere, and whenever I see one I like, my heart just does a belly flop and I wish I could have it. My problem is I don't have many things I need a really nice dress for, and the super comfortable casual ones are so so simple that they don't speak to me. Anyway. I really want to make dresses. Everyday dresses, or at least Sunday Best dresses are what I like. ModCloth has a number of heart belly flop dresses. such as.....



They are so pretty. And a lot of them have inspired some of my own designs. I fill a notebook full of all these designs that I will probably never make because I have too many ideas for my mind to handle it. I feel if I ever was a contestant on Project Runway, I'd never finish any of my challenges because I'll think of one thing, then think something else is better, then all of a sudden these other things will pop in my head and I wont know what to do. I wish I had access to a place like mood (+ their budgets!) every time I started a new project. I think having good materials to begin with helps a lot with my enthusiasm for what I'm making. Oh my, I have much to learn... I'm gonna go get sewing on my latest dress design. :)


  1. You know, I'm a huge fan of dresses but I'm an even bigger fan of Katie Bernhard dresses.

  2. Love it!!I want the Brown one!!!!!Can it come it black?Pink?