First day of a new year...

So I was never really big on the New Years resolution business. I'm usually not that dedicated or motivated to do the usual "lose 10 pounds" "cut back on laziness" but this year, I think I should do something. 2010 was a big year for me. I finished school, got married, and moved to a different state. To say that my life hit a big turning point would be an understatement. I've never lived without my parents under the same roof, and I think maybe adjusting from a busy life to a not-so-much going on life has taken a bit to set in. I think maybe it has finally set in, and I am ready to move forward with my life and finally do what I've always wanted to do.

My life has always felt kind of... random. That's the best word to describe it. I usually get these weird crazy surges of passion that burst out of me. In high school alone I wanted to play guitar and piano, paint pictures, write poems, make jewelry, take up scrap-booking, crochet, make friendship bracelets, take photos, and design birthday cards. (not even sure if that was all.) since then, I've taken up knitting, started sewing clothes, won a design competition (for packaging, pretty boring stuff) and did some pretty okay oil and watercolor paintings. Even went to school for that last one. I had such a bad experience with that school, that the idea that "painting is totally fun" has been pushed out of my mind.

My new problem is my new found passion for the fashion industry. Well, more so the clothes. The industry itself kinda makes me want to hurl. Anyway, the problem is it's so darn overwhelming. There is so much a person could do with a yard of fabric and a sewing machine. Add a dress form, and the possibilities seem endless. The color and pattern combos and the style lines, and the patchwork, and the garment functions.... There is too much. And it's led me to have too many ideas and a container full of yards and yards of fabric for unrealized projects that float in and out of my brain. For some reason, painting was never this overwhelming.

Another problem is everything I've learned about sewing has never really been put into practice. I'm thinking that this may be one of the reasons everything is so overwhelming. And that brings me to my point. My new years resolution. I've seen some blogs do this, but I want to put a little spin on it. I also want to leave room for flexibility since I do many different things. But I want to focus on one simple idea.

That idea will be that I will find ONE single thing, be it a technique I've never tried, or a design element that I find interesting. Or even a new knitting pattern. Definitely want to get some paintings in there. And I'll take that one thing and create something revolving around that idea, and document my progress here on the blog. I'm getting a shiny new camera next week, and THAT will help a lot :) I can even post little tutes as I go along if I discover something new.

Now a time line will probably help. No, it will help. I think I'll even go as far as having "office hours." That will keep me working rather than lounging about. I think that as far as a time line goes, it will depend on the project. Step one of a project: define it. step two: set a time goal. step three: blog it. step four: document and see it through it's completion.

Now, I do have some projects for other people lined up, and I also intend to work these into my schedule of events. First up is Cathy's dress. More about this later. I think I've written an impossibly long blog yet again. I will work on being more concise as time goes on.

As for when I start, I think 1/10/11 will be good. It will give me enough time to sort out the best schedule and come up with the best plan of attack. Someone please hold me accountable to this date. I will try very hard to not forget everything I just posted. This year is the year I am taking control of my own will power. I will accomplish something. I must.

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