Mitchell Domes

Yesterday, Andrew and I went to the Mitchell Domes in Milwaukee. I wanted to take my new camera out to see what it could do. It was nice to see some green after looking at white and gray for so long.

The camera has some focus issues that are a little frustrating. I took the above picture about 15 times before I found a focus setting that worked properly. I'm glad it finally worked, this is my favorite picture of the day. :)

Overall the color settings are awesome. the flowers were so vivid in life, and the camera captured it well. :)

It was neat to look up and see the tree, a natural and organic shape, next to the man-made geometric shape of the dome glass.

There were also some cute turtles. I'm pretty sure they're real... they didn't move much. There were also birds flying around. It was pretty cool.

Overall I'm happy with the camera, and I can't wait to share more photos of my future galavanting. :)

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