End of the Semester

Hello! Guess what?! I'm done with school! (almost) All I have left is to turn in some final projects next week. One I still have to write up a little essay for, and I'm set :) It's been a nice school semester. It was pretty easy since a lot of it was review, but that's not to say I didn't learn anything. Also, it was a heap of work near the end. During the semester it was super slow and I had hardly any homework over the weekend then BAM finals. haha. Anyway, I can show you the project I put together. It was pretty fun working on it. I had to design a group of 6 outfits and draw flats to go with it.

This is the 'moodboard' or 'concept board' I'm not sure if I really need one to even design a line since I designed the clothes, then created a moodboard to go with that, lol. They just said I needed to have one, not that I had to make it first. :)
 I don't know where the images all came from, but the images in the collage aren't originally mine, but everything else is.

All the illustrations were done with Watercolor and Ink. The flats are done with Illustrator. I designed the chevron pattern myself with Illustrator. It was pretty fun putting this all together. I hope you like it :)

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  1. Damn girl! I love them all! Especially the jacket and the sweater.