Black and White Photography

So during the fall, I was in a B+W photography class. I got to learn how a darkroom works, and using a film camera was pretty awesome. I thought that only having 36 exposures on a roll would be too little, since usually I can take my digital somewhere and come home with anywhere between 100-500 pictures. But I was wrong. All that did was make me really think about what I was shooting and take the time to figure out the perfect shot. It made me careful and thoughtful. And I came up with some pretty awesome prints. Well I think it was the process of making them that was the cool part. There's something about dunking a piece of paper in chemicals and watching an image emerge. Anyway, here's a few images from the class...

 B+W Film


  1. Lovely! Colanders make some really awesome black and whites.

    Your photos are so dramatic!

  2. This is amazing work! I love it!