Gearing up for the men's shirt sew-along

Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness (clever, eh?) has decided to lead his humble followers over a cliff into battle with the most classic staple of menswear wardrobes: the button down shirt. I have decided to put my faith in Peter and do exactly what he tells me, as he has made many more manly shirts than I have. (I have made zero, just to give you an idea)

So far I have a pattern. That's a good place to start, no? We've found a possible choice on the fabric over at Gorgeous Fabrics. It would be a good one to use for view B. Not so much on view A, though. I like the thought of Andrew wearing a tux shirt around campus. He'd look pretty fancy. Anyway, I am really excited to get down to business on this shirt. I've never been patient enough to really do all the necessary steps to tailor a garment (not even my wedding dress really, but shhh, it's not like I'll ever wear it again), and I am trying so hard to convince myself that it's all worth it in the end.

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