What I'm Knitting

I think one of the coolest things about knitting is that you take a long string and loop it all together and it becomes something you can use. I think that is why creating is so satisfying. From an artist mixing colors on a canvas to find that perfect shade, to a woodworker changing what was once a tree into a guitar. Taking fiber and turning it into something you can wear just tickles my fancy, be it sewing or knitting. :)

My latest projects are a pair of mittens, and some socks. I'm trying to limit myself to one pair of socks at a time to encourage the completion of the first pair. That way I wont end up with a bunch of half finished sock projects. If you cant tell, sock knitting is my fav. :)

The sock on the right is my first toe-up sock attempt and my first time using lace. I got fabulous sock yarn from Loopy Yarns in Chicago. It was love at first sight! I found the pattern in a sock book called The Joy of Sox. The parody on the title gets a little annoying when you go and read the book, but it does have some good sock patterns in there.
 I used a free knitting pattern to make my mitten. I wanted to make them convertible flip top mittens though because once you go flip top, you don't go back ;) I still have one more to make, but I'm going to switch the colors, gray then yellow. Then the thumb and the finger parts will be gray instead of yellow.

I plan on posting a how-to about how I made the mittens convertible after I finish the second mitten. Stay tuned!


  1. I loves the mitten! I plan on making myself a second pair. I love my first ones so much. I lost one at Jewel the other day and by the time they called me to tell me they found it the next day I had missplaced the other one. I was mittenless for about a week total. It was one of the saddest weeks of my life. Top 5 for sure.

  2. No! not the mittens! I freaking love that knitting pattern too, and almost considered buying that book you got it from myself, but I've been buying too many books lately :)