Yellow Dress

 Have I mentioned yet how much I love the color yellow? It's bright and happy and oh so pretty. I pretty much liked it before it became all trendy. It all started with my knit yellow hat. I made that almost 3 years ago, and I just picked up the yellow yarn and was like... ooo this would be such a great color for a hat! My goodness, that is what I looked like everyday at art school.. kind of scary..


Anyway, back to the yellow dress. I went for the Simplicity pattern mostly because the dress would be yellow. Also, I don't have everything for the other dress, and I wanted to work with what I had instead of using "everything's not ready" as an excuse to not make a dress. And now I have a yellow dress :)

This dress was pretty simple to make, and I only made one change. I made my own straps. Now, for the straps, as you can see on the right, they look different from each other. The first one I made, I ran it through the machine with my normal, 'I use it for everything' foot. Since the strap has interfacing, it had a slight drag against the foot. I thought to myself... HEY I have a walking foot! why aren't I using that? So I busted it out for the next strap and voila! no more uneven seams. Quality equipment makes life so much simpler.

Construction was pretty simple, I had to rip out one of the yoke/pocket pieces because I sewed it on backwards (the only confusing part of the whole thing). Cris-cross in the back and buttons on front, NO hemming (yay!) and there we have it. :)


  1. Saw this on burdastyle, and had to check it out because this dress is just so pretty! Very lovely, and very nicely made!

  2. Hi! Just spotted your dress on Burda Style so wanted to come check it out on your blog. It is so lovely! Where did you get such a lovely boarder print from? Perhaps you've mentioned it on another post...I'm off to investigate!

  3. Hi :) I actually got it in the sale bin at Joann Fabrics. I don't know if they'd have any left, they usually don't restock the same fabrics all the time, and I got it about a year ago. I did find a lovely border embroidered fabric at Gorgeous Fabrics. It's white with black embroidery, but it might be gone too, I think it was on sale when I found it...

  4. I am woring on this pattern right now and pieces 1 & 2 (bust front & bust side front) just don't match up--- #2 is about 1" too long. Any ideas?

  5. Not completely sure. Are you sure that you are matching up the right seams? for example, not matching up the side seam with the center front piece? It matched up fine for me, it was just the princess seam that's a little hard to maneuver if you aren't used to it.