My Fabric Stash

So yesterday I was absent-mindedly flipping through my pattern stash and thinking and planning future projects. I have a few patterns that don't have a 'perfect' fabric match yet, but they are ones that I really really want to make. Likewise I also have yards of gorgeous fabric that has yet to have a foreseeable future.
But I first want to talk about the fabric that does have a known future. Some of them I've been thinking about for months now. They just haven't quite made it to my sewing queue yet.

1) This Cynthia Steffe pattern from Vogue (V1174) has been on my radar for about a year since I saw a version of it on BurdaStyle. It's such a fab pattern and will suit my shape pretty well. It is labor intensive and I have to make some piping, but I will have a lot of fun putting it together. I'm going to try and fit a muslin first and get the fit perfect. It'll be totally worth it. I'll probably end up making this one in the summer though just so I know for sure it will still fit me. There's was this awesome green floral print I saw at Joann's a long time ago, and I remember thinking how perfect it would be, and when I got a Joann's gift card for Christmas, I went and snatched it up!

2) My leather bag. Last year in May the SOT went to Savannah, GA. I found a fab little fabric shop and there was a huge chest of drawers full of hardware. I've never seen such a fantastic collection and I was inspired to design and make my first ever leather bag. I've drawn a few designs, but I've been a bit timid when it comes to sewing it together. Perhaps a muslin is in order for this too. I got a turquoise pelt, a fun cotton print for the lining, a zipper, two strap clasps and a belt buckle. I'm re-thinking the buckle though because I'm not sure it will work with my final design. But only time will tell :)

3) LBD. Ever since I got Mary Adams new book The Party Dress Book I've wanted to make a super colorful silk organza gown (How awesomely fabulous would that be??). Unfortunately that much silk organza is 1-too expensive and 2-impossible to find locally. I'd really like to have the chance to hold up different colors together to see how it would look, but I might just have to settle for ordering a bunch of swatches from some online source (that is, someday when I actually have money to buy some). I did manage to find some silk taffeta at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston. Another let down was they only had black, white or ivory. And since I just got done making a huge white dress, I chose black. So no colorful dress for me. I'm compensating by making a BRIGHT yellow petticoat. :) And at least now I'll have a Little Black Dress staple. :)

I have another combo of fabric that I was thinking would make a good Simplicity 2443 (Cynthia Rowley) Veiw B. But for some reason I bought one yard of my striped jersey fabric and didnt get anything for the skirt. I'll find it somewhere someday, but that's a while off.

Also don't forget my project that is currently in the works! My Sew Along started yesterday and I'm busy copying my pattern so I can cut into a muslin.

Finally I have a picture of all the fabric that doesn't yet have a real future. Somewhere over the rainbow all the fabric and all the patterns will find their happy union with each other.

How about you? Are you overwhelmed with a stash of unfinished- in your dreams projects that have yet to reach their potential?

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  1. So, speaking of fabric stash, the linens were also 30 percent off. I think I've got about a good 15 pounds of fabric I'll be bringing home. Oh, and have you ever wanted to make a blue linen suit? It looks like I've got close to 5 yards of it. Yeah, I've put a moratorium on fabric buying for now. Otherwise I'll never get it home. :P.
    For now, the knitting will suffice.