When I posted about my stash last week, it got me thinking about that handbag I've been putting off. What is stopping me from just making the bag? Other than not really knowing how to sew leather, that's it. I used to make a purse a week in high school out of all kinds of stuff. One night I even got so excited about making an old skirt (that would have been an awesome re-fashion now that I think about it) into a purse that I completely forgot to attend an event at school that I was looking forward to. Since I have the materials, and the brainpower, and a fancy leather needle for my machine, I'm going for it. This will be the project of the week.

I still have the MPB MSSA to deal with though. I'm 3 days behind because Peter (even though he said he wouldn't rush through it) is pushing along with one thing a day (even weekends!!). I was hoping he'd be a little more laid back about the whole thing... but it seems even the mock up is turning out to be a full out shirt. Why are we making two whole shirts?? I get that we should practice details if we've never done it before, but I thought we were more concerned about getting the fit right than sewing on plackets... But I'll do it anyway, it'll be good for me to learn to be patient enough to construct the same garment multiple times.

Back to the accessory plan... I want to make the purse, and I think I'll need a mock-up of that as well, just to make sure that I don't mess up my expensive scrap of leather. That would be tragic. I'm pretty sure I'd be a huge girl and cry over it if i messed it up.

I also want to try and make a belt. If it turns out well, I'll post a How-To. I'm thinking this will be a simple project. It shouldn't take longer than half an hour to put together. And I have very simple materials in mind, stuff you could probably just find in your stash.

I'm getting in a mode where there's at least a dozen things I'd like to be doing at once. I need to pace myself or nothing will get done. :)

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  1. Yea! I love that you are just going for it. You can do it Lady!

    I get like that too, where I have a billion ideas in my head and the one I'm working on is almost never the one I want to be working on. LOL.

    If you mess up the purse you can always make a little clutch.