Day 2: What I wore.

 So technically, this isn't day 2... I'm just playing catchup for day 2. But you get a twofer since it's what I wore AND what I've been sewing. ;)

Jacket: Simplicity 2250
Top: H&M
Skirt: I made it, no pattern used
Shoes: Arizona
Necklace: A shop in Savannah.. it's some kind of tiger stone... :)

   So on a recent Joanns pattern binge (love the 99 cent sales) I found another fantastic one by Cynthia Rowley. I adore her patterns. She has such a good eye for simplicity in her details. But what caught my eye more than the main dress was the jacket pattern. So clean, so simple, what a great blank canvas. So, of course, I made it with awesome striped linen. :) :) And what better to pair it with but a striped shirt? ;) The skirt is something I'd made a while back but never wore because I did such a hack job on the hem. Today it was what went best with the outfit so I took the opportunity to fix the hem. And I'm glad I did :)

The jacket came together fairly easily. I made it harder by fell stitching the back of the bias tape, and catch stitching the cuff hem to avoid topstitching. I also added a layer of muslin in place of the fusible interfacing on the front piece after reading a few people's un-stellar results with it. I think it gives this fabric a nice weight with the added muslin. This fabric is super lightweight, and probably could have been lined, but I wanted to keep it a lightweight jacket. Also, the jacket calls for shoulder pads... which look ridiculous on me because I have such square shoulders already. So what I did was trace some shoulder pads and cut out some cotton batting instead. I used the real lightweight stuff, so it doesn't add any height, just some much needed support in the shoulder cap.

Oh! Also, I'd like to welcome my new followers! Hello! It's truly nice to have you here. There are a lot of blogs to choose from, and I'm honored you chose mine. :) Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Kate


  1. Ooh, I love the jacket! It looks great, really summery. I need a lightweight jacket, I'll get round to making one eventually!
    Ashley x

  2. Thanks! Yeah, you should, one can never have too many jackets ;)

  3. Hi, just found your blog while searching for pics on this jacket, and must say, love, love, love your version! Can be casual or dressed up, such a great job!!
    I have a wedding to go to in a couple weeks and I'm starting the Gertie bombshell dress and want a jacket to wear over it. Hope I can get both done in time!
    Love your bombshell, too! How did you find both patterns, relatively easy?

  4. Thanks!! The jacket pattern I found at Joanns during one of the 99cent sales. (Simplicity 2250) And for the Bombshell dress, if you just sign up for the class on Craftsy, the pattern is included in the downloads for the class. :) Good luck with your projects! I'd love to see them when they're done.